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Week 8 run 1

Done and dusted week 8 run 1 a whole week ago and not been out since. Finding it increasingly difficult to get out in daylight hours when the children are not awake. Its so tantalisingly close. Tomorrow I'm going to go out at about 6.30am so not quite pitch black but very chilly and let my husband look after the kids.

I have come up with a cunning plan regards winter jogging though and will post in Questions in a mo. I am thinking of running with the buggy and the toddler whilst my 3yrd old is at preschool. But I wont be able to start at week 8, I fear I may have to go back to the beginning... Not sure if this is a good idea or not but at least my arms would get a work out...

Jeez 9 weeks has taken 5 months so far.

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I'm the same... This 9 week plan has taken me 16 weeks so far, and I'm on week 7, struggling to get out more than once a week with these dark nights. But as long as we keep going no matter how long it takes it's all good!


Good luck Chasingowls. it must be so difficult with children. I saw a Mum with a child in a buggy, iphone clutched in her hand jogging yesterday. I was running or I'd have asked her if she is doing C5k. Good luck with your plan :-)


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