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This is Sparta!

Ventured out into the darkness again last night for my Week 4 run 2. My evening route takes me uphill for the first two runs and then downhill. Predictably the downhill was much easier! Doing the 5 minute run uphill and on the flat was tough and my legs were feeling it. When Laura told me I was half way through I thought, 'oh no, only half way'!

Anyway I kept running and got through it, not feeling too bad at the end. These are good mental challenges to get me ready for what is to come.

I did feel a bit of a twinge in my ankle when doing one of the uphill sections which worried me a bit, but it went away.

In other news, reckon I will be heading to Aldi to get some running gear this week as I believe it is decent stuff.

For warm down sounds I went for Sparta FC by the Fall (google it!). They were tough those Spartans!

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