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Week 7 run 1 and a half

So I rested up over Sunday and Monday after not completing run 1 on Saturday. I decided to take Laura with me this time and I deliberately took it easy. And I did it!

I think that it wasn't so difficult as week 6 run 3 so something somewhere is working. And I felt so good afterwards. I didn't realise how much it was affecting my mood. Definitely a motivator there.

I bought some new music over the weekend to beef up my running playlist (for next time) so hopefully I'm back on track.

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Well done Mrs42! I hope to be tackling W7R2 tonight. 25 mins isnt easy but it is achievable and we have a couple more runs to perfect this! Good luck!


Excellent news, Mrs!! Sometimes, a bit of rest is just what our bodies need to completely recover and succeed!! Keep Running...YOU ARE DOING IT!!!


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