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I'm grateful for my legs but I don't think they like me *sad face*

I'm grateful for my legs but I don't think they like me *sad face*

Earlier today I was reading a blog which had a comment on it (due to my goldfish like qualities I have no idea whose blog & comment so apologies) in which someone stated we should be grateful for the legs we have, or some comment of similar ilk (I know, I know I'm a real details person!!) and it got me thinking .....

Sometimes I really want to run and other times I want to curl up in front of my roaring log fire and never move again but that comment really made me appreciate the fact I have the choice. Some people, whether due to injury, disability or other reasons can't get up & out there no matter how much they want to so I will always try to be remember to be grateful for my legs.

In an act of gratitude I decided to 'treat' my legs to the Speed podcast this evening covering over 3k which I thought was pretty good going. I finding the speed podcast quite easy & I'm not sure why; I think it may be psychological in that it is shorter than 30 minutes so I feel like I can really give it some welly. Easy as it may be my muscles have already started to ache - extra exercise this week plus a podcast means sore legs tomorrow that definitely won't appreciate their 'treat'.

I'm struggling to fit running in lately but I still want to get out there so I suppose the mind is willing even if the clock keeps running out of time. With a combination of eating well & exercise, not just running, I've lost 12lbs since 05/08/12 which I am really happy with. My BMI is almost into the healthy range.

I really am going to join running club tomorrow - no more excuses - so that's another bit of exercise to add to my week. Wish me luck ....

Happy jogging folks :)

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That is an amazing amount to have lost in

two months, I am really envious! Well done. I am on week 2, hope I lost some weight!


I actually put on weight whilst doing C25K but I lost inches so I was happy with that but now I run I'm taking care of my body more by feeding it good food and it's true, less food, more exercise = slimmer me :)

Good luck with C25K - you'll amaze yourself with how much you can run & how your body changes.


I find the speed podcast easy too so either I'm doing something wrong or it's just not for me. I'm going out to do W1R1 but jogging the walk parts and running fast the jog parts. Hopefully that will work out better for me. I've just had to download it again as I deleted it ages ago, a stone or so ago too! Anyway, good luck with the running club!


I'd like to think it was easy for me because I'm so fit (laughs hysterically) but knowing it's easy because I mustn't be doing it right!

Good luck with WK1 again - it will be a good reminder of how far you have come when even 60 seconds seemed insurmountable :)


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