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Just completed W1R3 and about a quarter of the way in I got a sharp popping pain in my groin followed by a kind of warm discomfort. I carried on to the bitter end as it was bearable but would every now and again make me wince as it would become briefly painful again. Back home now and the site remains sore-ish. Any ideas what this could be and what I should do?

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See you doctor slightlydotty he/she will be the best person to say what's happened. I hope its nothing serious. Take care


Hmm, I have tight hip flexors and that sometimes gives me a "snapping" sensation in my hip joint/groin but that's always been while walking, never when running. I would suggest you see a chiropractor or physio if it happens again - I've found doctors useless for a lot of running injuries/strains as they don't really identify the problem or root cause properly!


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