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Autumn Almanac

Did my first run of week 4 on Sunday. It was a beautiful autumn day, really perfect weather for running. I must admit I felt tired though and the longer run did push me a bit more. However I did get through it.

I have a bit of a cold threatening to hit and could probably do with having a bit more sleep. Tonight I plan to go out into the cold, dark streets and do the second run. Not my favourite time to go but I'm sure I'll feel better at the end of it.

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So, how'd it go? Was it as bad as you thought? Your Sunday run sounds lovely - well done for getting through it - you're starting to feel the effects of being pushed a bit more - keep going, just think that by the end of next week you'll be more than half way through and by the end of November you'll have graduated!


Well done, sounds a lovely run, hope this evening's run went well too.


Went fine tonight, will do a blog about it tomorrow probs!


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