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W2 run1

Completed my first run of week 2 on sunday and ddint feel too bad however Laura didnt say how many minutes one had run for like she did at the end of week one run 3. Why is this? Is this to stop people getting discouraged from doing the remaining two runs? I worked it out to be about 9 minutes a minute more than week one - not sure if I am correct.

Also do people wear vest tops when they run? I tend to with a jacket as I get quite warm yet dont feel confident enough to take my jacket off yet when I get warm.

Planned to do my second run of week 2 tomorrow when I get back from work in Leicester. I tend to go out before it gets too dark.

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I've got my first run of week 2 tonight so couldn't comment to be honest.

I run in a t-shirt, I get way too hot to wear a jacket. But it's a baggy tshirt, got mine from a Nike clearance shop and best thing I've brought.


Yes I noticed that too. I was hoping Laura would say "you have run for x minutes" and she didn't. It is nice to have the affirmation that you have run for a certain amount of time isn't it? Good luck with your runs for the rest of this week. Week 3 looks a lot more challenging - a big leap from Week 2!


Yes, each week will add a few minutes each run until the last run of week 5, it is a fair leap. Most of the runs each week stay the same amount of minutes other then weeks 5,6,7 if I remember correctly. I wear a light jacket which I can peel off as I go and wrap around my waist. Nothing as miserable as getting over-heated. Great job for making it into week 2!!!! :-)


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