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Any advice on lower calf pain with Achilles . Began running down hill

Not run for few days due to pain in my left calf down by my Achilles on the left and right side of my leg at the bottom, just came on during my last run as I was running up my final hill. I left it for 3 days and as I had this afternoon free from work decided to go for a run. I stretched first and did my 5 min warm up walk then ran my usual 30 minute route and back up the final hill. I was ok untill half way through when I had a hill to run down when the pain and unusual wobbly feeling cam on again, I took it easy but carried on throughout my run. Apart from my leg I enjoyed the run and didn't feel particularly laboured, however the last hill was a struggle.

Has anyone else had this issue, also the tendons on the outside of my leg above the ankle are tender

Advice anyone??? I really don't want to stop running as I have worked so hard to get to my current level of fitness and stamina

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Don't know why this would start now if it's your usual route and you are used to the hills. Could you be striding differently maybe as you get faster and your legs need to get used to the impact??? Hope you get it sorted and are back running pain free soon!


I don't want to frighten you but I 'd definitely advise you to take it really carefully - here's why. I graduated on 21st July. Two days later I started a 30 minute run, knowing that during my graduation run I had had slight pain in my lower left calf. Ten minutes into the run the pain just got worse and worse and I could barely hobble home. It was a pulled muscle and it had me stop running for three full weeks and then gradually build back up over many many weeks. Please don't ignore this pain - can you see a doctor about it? I still don't know why I had this except it was very hot weather and I may have been dehydrated.

I'm now back to running 30 minutes three times a week, so if you have to stop for a bit don't panic - you will start again. It's a pain in the a*** to have to stop, but so many runners do from time to time and then restart.


Hi Jimbob

I had problems with my Achilles tendon too but I've been doing lots of stretches and it's much better now. I did mine in on hills too! Specifically overenthusiasm with Speed on the notorious hill outside my house. Had to take 2 weeks off running but I did try to do some stretching and a bit of cycling and cautious walking as things improved. The most useful stretches I found are called eccentric heel drops.

Don't panic if you need to take a break - you will build up to where you are now very quickly and it's better to take a short break than do yourself a serious injury. Good luck.


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