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W2D1 done tonight - but can I get some advice on supper?

Hi all,

So I did it - the first run in week 2. Found the 2nd run very tough and then managed to carry on (got easier by the end). Was struggling a little with Laura's advice on breathing, and my walks were probably not that brisk. I was hoping for some advice on supper - I ate a jacket potato with beans, and salad with croutons, and a small breast of chicken. DOes this sound like a healthy supper to you?

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Sounds ideal. And well done on the stating week 2.


sorry went a bit Yoda there, I meant well done on starting week 2!


You could try using something like myfitnesspal which is an online tool (or app) which allows you to log what you're eating and the exercise you're doing. If you're interested in losing weight it'll tell you how many calories you should be eating to achieve a certain goal and it also gives you the nutritional breakdown of the food.


Great job on the running into week 2!!! We watch what we eat at the Hall household and most of our meals include a carb, protein, veggies and sometimes fruit. Smhall and myself have lost a combined 60+ pounds over the past 1.5 years. Some of ours meals go like this:

Chicken breast/brown rice or potato/salad or cooked vegetables

Turkey burger or lean ground beef burger/ bun/ loads of veggies/fruit

Basically your meal sounds balanced and yummy!!!! :-)


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