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My faith is restored!

I've noticed a pattern emerging. Rotten runs seem to be followed by good ones!

After a crisis of confidence from w6r2, I thought I'd seen my best and that was it, it was all getting too hard for me now.

Today I attempted week 6 run 3. I wanted to get this week behind me.

Trying to tell myself that there's no shame in repeating the last one if I'm not capable I set off.

I'll give it 10 mins and then walk for 5 if I need to, then 10 more.

I started off badly. Couldn't settle into my pace and couldn't get my breath which led me to panting again.

I tried to distract myself by concentrating on the glorious Autumn colours, mists and dappled sunlight.

Before I knew it, I realised my body had calmed down and found its pace. My breathing though heavy, was regular and I wasn't feeling as chesty as I previously had.

I thought, oh my I may actually do this.

What followed was a relentless rhythm of one foot in front of the other.

There was quite a large portion of the podcast where Laura didn't speak and at one point I was starting to wonder if she'd ditched me just when I really needed her help.

But moments later she was there telling me I had done 20 and had only 5 left.

Then I knew I WOULD finish it.

When at last I could walk again, my lungs were just starting their rattle again but that soon went away. I feel I can recover quicker these days too.

So I had a lovely walk home. I gave a celebratory hands in the air victory pose when Laura told me I am an "official runner".

I knew she was going to but I still enjoyed my little moment of glory.

Now I feel on top of the world. I know I can cope with week 7 and the following weeks are not as big a leap.

I'm nearly there. I'm happy, I'm gonna improve. I'm gonna keep on running!


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It's a great feeling - this is the run when you realize that, barring accidents, you're going to get the programme finished :-)


Hezzabelle, so true when you know you reach that point of continuing!!!! Such an amazing feeling to know you achieved something that just a few weeks ago your body could not do!


Well done, Hezzabelle!! It is a wonderful feeling when you drift away as you run and then when your mind returns to running you find out that you have done brilliantly!!

You are a RUNNER!!! :-)


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