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wkr2 - my first in freezing cold rain, brrrrrrrrrrrr

I managed the 25 minutes and did about 4.25km but I was freezing. Never really warmed up and was afraid I might pick up an injury but it seems to have gone ok. Feel rather chuffed at my perseverance and determination not to quit. I run in light compression shorts and tights - not pretty but functional - and they kept my legs dry but I am never sure what to wear on top in the cold and rain. Ended up with usual running tshirt and long sleeved cotton top, and this time topped by a 3 sizes too big jacket I used to wear for trekking. Any suggestions for waterproof running tops>

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I picked up a bright pink waterproof jacket for cycling and running in Sports Direct well reduced (think it was down to £19.99). I'm sure they'll do gents too. Lidl is also worth a check out (not on commission, honest!). Best luck with rest of the programme.


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