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The tortoise really does prevail

Week7, run 2: So after missing my 1st run this week I had a really tough one on Thurs so you imagine my dismay when my much fitter sister announced she was joining my run today with my 7 yr old niece. So we all started off together, me at my really slow jog and sis and niece at what can only be described as the 100m sprint in comparrison. I resingned myself to running on my own again when about 5 mins in I passed them - niece had a stitch. They soon caught up as I continuedwith my gentle jog with my niece running past with dogs. My sister then decided to join me only for us to discover my jog was about the same speed as her walk. Another stitch for my nice and I was away, only to finish way before them and having to use the cool down walk to turn round and go find them. Despite all i was feeling pretty good today and even managed to up my speed for the last 5 mins and again, following Laura's suggestion, up it agian for the last minute. Something there was no way i could have done last run. Fun had by all but really proves the importance of sticking to your own pace and concentrating on achieving the time rather than being the fastest. Not sure my niece quite got it, perhaps one for another day for her. Looking forward to completing week 7 in a couple of days albeit it a little late this week.

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Great Job jtatum! You have the patience of a Saint. It sounds like you were challenged today with your running partners! Great in keeping it slow and finishing! :-)


Beautifully done, jtatum!!! I had to smile everytime that you said you got ahead of them!!! Keep Running!!


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