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W5 R2 in the bag!

Having delighted myself by managing w5r1 this week, I decided to give run 2 a go. I only went and did it!! I've learnt to slow right down - I think I was trying too hard in the first few weeks and that was why I was struggling. Im really chuffed to have done w5r2 and I'm ever so slightly looking forward to run 3.

I do have a question though... what do others wear now the weather is a bit more chilly and do you brave it in the rain. Im thinking I'll have to invest in some winter running gear so any advice gratefully received. Thanks x

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Well done! You are on the mark! Slow down and you will ace 20 minutes! I am currently wearing sweats with a running shirt. I start with a Jacket that I can remove and tie around my waist. Today feels like I may need to put my gloves on too!


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