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Silly me

Ok so I did W3R2 yesterday morning. I made the mistake of taking a different route without thinking about it, so it just so happened that every time Laura told me to run I was at the bottom of a steep hill! Silly me!

I was exhausted by the end of it and I can certainly feel it in my legs today - but as Laura says the sense of achievement of getting through a really hard run outweighs the pain at the time. What she doesn't mention is the pain for days afterwards, but I get her point!

My timing was off when I started week 3, so it means my third run of week 3 will roll over to next week. So it's pencilled in for Tuesday - hoping the pain in the legs has dissipated by then!

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Ange123 I feel your pain. I too changed my route last week and my 5 min warm up walk ended at the bottom of a hill!!! I also had a further 2 hills to contend with. I was on week 7 so continual running for 25mins,did it, just, but my legs were a bit sore for a few days and felt a bit 'lead' like on my next run. I got a few PB's that day so was quite chuffed....the pain was worth it :-)

Happy running, hope your legs recover quickly & well done on tackling hills so early on in the programme :-)


Well done, Ange!!! Keep Running!!


Ange123, great going and cute blog! This is definitely a learning experience on many levels. As a runner, you will never look at a hill or a gust of wind the same! :-)


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