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Week 7 done (eventually) & first 28 mins complete

It seems like week 7 has taken me ages to complete, what with work commitments & the nights drawing in i've really struggled to get 3 runs done. Anyhow after I think 11 days I did it & felt pretty damn good about myself.

Week 8 run 1 was a different story, done my first 28 min run last night & I can honestly say the last 3 mins was the longest of my life. Not sure if my mind was all wrong or just because I'd not been out for 5 days but after about 5 mins I was struggling. I couldn't Get my breathing right, My legs really hurt & i was sweating like Gordon Ramsey's Sioux chef.

Anyway I did it, I might finally finish this programme, I will not quit until I get that badge. Just 5 runs to go.

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Hmmmm...let's change that sentence..."I will not quit until I get that badge." to I WILL NOT QUIT!!

Some runs just don't go well and it sounds like W8R1 was that way for you. What is important is that you completed it and you can move on!! Keep Running!


Some runs are more difficult... I think the quit word needs to go away...even after you graduate, I want to see you continue onward and upwards!


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