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I have spent so much time on this site in the last week, enviously clicking on other people's blogs and reading about excitement, disappointment, jubilation and determination, and all the while sniffing, coughing, blowing my nose and generaly feeling rubbish.

However, yesterday, the disgusting head cold I've had for 9 days (hello immune system, would you like to come out from wherever you're hiding and do your job?!) had lifted considerably. The weather was absolutely gorgeous - a really mild, sunny Autumn day and all the trees were shedding their leaves so the streets near my house are filled with multicoloured, crunchy piles of leaves just waiting to be kicked.

I could not stay in the house for another day, nor could I spend another day not running, and being miserable. So I laced up my running shoes, stuffed 23,981 tissues up my sleeves for the inevitable nose blowing and set out for a run.

At this stage, I wasn't putting any pressure on myself to do W9R2; I was really worried that my lack of activity for the past 9 days would set me back to week 5 or 6, so I decided to put the podcast on and just see how far I could go.

The first 3 or 4 minutes were really difficult, I lacked energy and had a runny nose, but then I zoned out to my surroundings and for the next 15 minutes, I hardly noticed the time pass! I did really need to slow down my pace. I was doing very small steps and running quite slowly but I think I needed to give myself the best chance of completing 30 minutes rather than going fast.

When Laura said I had 5 minutes to go, I knew I could do it! I continued on with my slow plod and completed the 30 minutes. I felt quite faint when I stopped, but a few deep lung fulls of air later and I felt great!

This run was by far my biggest psychological test, I felt extremely nervous and underconfident and it was very tough. I think by being sensible and not worrying about my pace, I gave myself the best chance to complete the 30 minutes.

Slight niggle in my left hip which persists today. This is the first twinge I have felt to date, but I'm hoping it will go away before W9R3.

Nearly there :)

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Having a cold that refuses to budge is such a nightmare! I too managed to acquire one during week 9. Congratulations on completing the run after your forced break though!


NEWBIERUNNER!!! YOU DID IT! Only 1 more run!!! WOOT-WOOT! :-) I have had allergies since week 5, nothing fun about trying to cough and wipe the nose while running! ;-) I'm chilling the wine getting ready for your grad blog!! :-)


Welcome back, Newbie!!!! I went from giggling at the beginning of your blog about your absent immune system and those...let's see...23,981 tissues to pulling for you as you described your run!! It was an intelligent return!! You were so very right about slowing your pace and insuring that you finished!! Brilliant!!

You are spot on about the mental challenge, also!! I am a firm believer that the body is strong, but the mind is much stronger!! You not only had the physical challenge with your return, but you had the mental challenge, as well!! Guess what...YOU BEAT THEM BOTH!! YOU DID IT!!

Only one more run and that precious little, green badge is yours!! Even more so, you will have the satisfaction of completing this program!!! Oh yes, we will keep this graduation party going for you!!!

Now, go buy some more tissues and Keep Running!!! :-)


You're back! Well done on w9r2, good luck for your graduation run. :)

We'll both be graduating this week! (however, in true C25k style, I am again copying you on this journey and have got myself a cold in w9. Gutted, but while I can, I am refusing to acknowlege it and hoping I'll last the week and get the final 2 runs in before I have to give into it)


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