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Tuesday I hit the wall and today I just about managed to clamber over it :o)

Well after not quite managing to complete my W7R2 on Tuesday and life getting in the way of my run on Thursday I set off for the gym today and was feeling a little anxious. Yesterday I was so keyed up for the run but tonight I was on a pretty tight schedule so didn't really feel relaxed when I got to the gym.

I managed to make it to the end of the 25 minutes but it was SOOOOOOOOOO hard - I don't know why, I've already done it twice but my last two runs have just been really hard work and my legs have started to feel like lead about half way through.

In theory I only need to run it once more before moving onto W8 but I think I might repeat it a few more times 'cos I don't want to risk demoralising myself by embarking on W8 and not being able to complete it.

As my hubby said the other day - keep your eyes on the prize and don't worry about how you get there!

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I was having lead legs as well, and thought I would try some of the 'running tights/compression leggings' and no aching legs! Not sure if they helped or not, but kegs certainly felt better with them. Brought them from Lidl, as did not want to spend a lot and them to be no good, but will certainly be using them again. Good luck with the rest of your runs. Why not see how far you can get next time? I managed wk8 run 1 yesterday, and did not really notice the time from 25 -28......!


Yes, mcc65, just keep going - don't doubt yourself - if it was easy you wouldn't be making any progress, W8 is only 3 minutes more - you'll be able to do it. If you feel you really need to repeat Week 7, then do it, but you might find that just by pushing yourself that little bit you'll get through week 8 and onwards to week 9. It's your call, but remember 'you're stronger than you think'. ;-)


Thanks both of you, I'm going to see how Sundays run goes and then decide.

Thanks for the tip about the legs - I'll have to keep an eye out :o)


Go for it mcc65! W8 here you come!


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