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Lunch is for wimps

Well last run of week 3 for me today. As planned I headed out from work at lunchtime. Things did not go quite according to plan as I had to make a call at one, so delayed run and lunch till after that. So pretty hungry by the time I set out.

It was a beautiful afternoon though and although I was not too sure quite where I was running I found an ok route with only a few schoolkids to dodge. Disaster struck in the last minute of the last run however when the ipod seemed to spontaneously stop. I just kept running for a while so hopefully I did my full three minutes.

Having lunch at last and hopefully had enough of a boost to get me through what is usually my most hated afternoon of the week.

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well done on having the motivation to go at lunch. I am too worried about being a sweaty mess all afternonn (or more accurately too worried about risking my colleagues seeing me running!) to do that, but I have considered it on busy days.

I used to work with someone that ran at lunchitme and she said that it really gave her a boost for the afternoon, so I'm sure it will for you too!


I'm lucky in that my usual base (I sometimes move about a bit) has a shower. Didn't know about it but am pally with the cleaner and he told me (be nice to your cleaner folks!) Colleagues took the mick a bit but they are secretly jealous I reckon!


:-) :-) WELL DONE! You just keep showing those co-workers what a real runner is!


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