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I did what now???

So off I went tonight, starting week 9 run 1. I had hit 30 minutes in the last run of week 7 (pushed past the 25 minutes) and i've been managing 30-35 minutes for all the runs of week 8 but Run 3 of week 8 was just a killer. I struggled to get to 28 minutes and had to call it quits at 30 minutes.

So tonight I managed to pull the emergency cord on the treadmill when I hadn't even finished the warm up walk so I was a little put off from the beginning. So I set off on my run, goal to get to 6kms as one of the runs last week i'd managed to get to 5.5kms.

I got distracted in fairy land as I do when i'm running, not really paying attention to the screen, thinking of things like my shopping list and what I was going to cook for dinner. Next thing I look down and i'd made it to 5.5kms and about 40 minutes and i still had a lot left to give, so I thought, lets do 7kms. Next thing I was approaching 45 minutes and thought why not try for 60 mins...

next thing I knew I'd done just over an hour of running and just over 8kms!! I can't believe it!! I literally went from nothing, no running, no exercise (well for at least 6 months) just over 8 weeks ago to running for an hour non-stop! I've never run that far in my life (not even at school)

Bring on graduation, i'm going to order my shirt now as I think i've earned it!

Thanks for everyone for their support and tips through this website, it has made all the difference!


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Blimey Hannie, what a result. You'll be doing a marathon in no time. Deffo get that t-shirt ordered straight away - you should have had it a couple of weeks ago!


Wow, impressive! I know what you mean about being away in fairy land - they're the best kind of runs :-).


Well done that's the best thing about this plan it gets you in to running and lets you make the most of what you've got


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