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Have I really got one run left?

so 2 x 30 mins and a 5K up to last Sunday, Week 8 Done and dusted I think.

Tuesday evening was my Sweatshop humiliation run!!! and another 30 minutes this evening. I think that makes tonight W9R2. Soooo, I reckon my planned country run with hubby on Sunday will be my graduation run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who would have ever have thought it!!! Unless my maths is wrong?

Even our lodger has gone out and purchased a pair of trainers to start running with us - she feels inspired to get fit as well (mind you she is 25 and is built like a gazelle) Ho hum more being left behind. But I don't care, because I can run when I couldn't two months ago. Yay.

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I can run . . . it's so nice to say and such a great feeling isn't it.

Well done and good luck for your graduation run!


It is something I never thought I would ever be able to say (even with the addition of- but I am very slow!!!)

Looking forward to Sunday



Best of luck to you Sunday!!!! My hubby (smhall) and myself did our grad run last night. welcome to the class, maybe we can have a grad party! :-)


Oh well done both of you. Definitely our week then!!! Maybe we ought to have an online party!!!


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