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Running down that hill

Did week 3 run 2 last night. It seemed easier than the previous time when I was really straining. However I must confess that the last 3 minute run was downhill which makes it easier. Am I cheating? Don't have much choice with my route if I am running after dark unfortunately.

Looking at my schedule it might be Saturday till my next run, unless I go for a daring lunchtime run which will undoubtedly be accompanied by the chuckles of my colleagues. Ah well, c'est la vie.

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Let them laugh, if they don't do much exercise and you're feeling nasty invite them along, you'll be 4 weeks ahead of them....

Yes, running down the hill is much easier, but not cheating as you must have climbed the height to have to run down it. I'm still not sure what Kate Bush saw in running up them though...


I like beads suggestion regarding the co-workers. Let them laugh all they want, you will be the one sporting a shiny grad badge in a few weeks! You will be amazed mabbers how quickly the weeks will fly by. Did I mention, you're doing awesome? ;-)


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