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W7R1 complete

I was a little apprehensive about the week 7 runs, not because I thought the distance was too much. Perhaps I had read many tales of woe in the community on reaching these last few weeks that I felt a bit cautious. And then the rain came for the very first time on any of my runs. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be and was actually pretty good. I just got on with it, Laura insructing away with me wondering if it was too late and too dark to run in the park. In the end I just went with the usual route. A/ slightly better pace again meant 4.41 km running in the 25 minutes. Another pb and still on track for 5k in 30 minutes. But I keep wondering whether I can keep it up. Still amazed I don't keel over after 5 minutes running so pleased I don't.

As always, thanks for the continuing support.

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Well done Janda!!! I found I prefer the longer runs to the run/walks of the beginning weeks. Like you, it is challenging, but nothing can stop us now!!! Can you believe your progress? :-)


Well done Janda, nice run. You're doing some good times, I'm slower by quite a bit but that'll pick up later I'm sure.


Thanks for that Chewy. Sure you're right about the times. Are you still off to the ' States?


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