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W5R2 ("so you've done your 5K!")

This was my third run since this time last week, when I stopped talking about my eventual goal of running a marathon, and decided to get on with it, with the first goal of running a 5km. The quote in the title comes from my wife - this was her response when I told her that in total (ie, including the walking - and the 10/15 minute walk home) tonight, I had done 5.7km...

Trust me, I still have A LOT of work to do!

I found the first 5 minutes frankly bizarre. As a 24 yr old thin male I felt that I looked fitter than I am - I can imagine what people were thinking as I briskly walked by them in long t-shirt and thin leggings (hand-me-downs from my sister - the only thing I had when I went for my first run last week). But I started in the middle distance and kept the pace up. "hey", I thought, "i'm getting fitter here! they don't know that I'm just warming up!".

I started the 8 minutes at much the same pace as my previous two runs, realised this and slowed it right down. I felt my legs beginning to give way halfway through; and then Laura said "halfway through!!", which gave me a surge. Stupidly I decided to go uphill, which I was on for what FELT like forever, but in reality was only about 6 minutes. near the top I made it a goal to get up within the 8 minutes; which became an actual goal when Laura surprised and thrilled me by saying "ok, 60 seconds left!" so I upped the pace... and didn't make it by about 10 metres. Hey-ho.

5 minutes recovery was perfect time, but I was quite tired by the end of it and had only really recovered my breathing when it was time to go again.

The funny thing is, by myself I would not have gone again. But when there's someone in your ear you feel like it's the ONLY option... so off I went, heeding her advice to take it easy and steady. Again I felt my legs burn halfway through but as I focused on breathing that feeling left me; and again with sixty seconds to go I was nearly at the top of a road, so I made that my goal. I had crossed over and was a quarter of the way down when the 8 minutes ran out. Since I was not tired I carried on, stopping four minutes later, which totally surprised me, when I realised that since my last run I had just upped my total running time by double!! I think the trick was my pacing this time - 2 I was lightly jogging as opposed to, well, trying to run...

And then the long walk home... which was 1.54km... and took somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes...

All in all, I was thoroughly surprised with what I achieved - and the podcast DEFINATELY helped.

In total I ran 2.9km, which is .1km of a goal I had set myself to do by the end of the week (before finding out about this program). That's pleasing :) But I'd like to be able to do that 2.9km in one go... Maybe in Run 3 I could aim to do near 3km and see how I get on?

That's another thing that surprises me. I've never really been self-driven to do much in my life. And I thought that I would NEVER actually enjoy this running malark. But it IS achievable!!

When I work out how to make my run public, I'll post a link here...

Thankyou for reading :)

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Well done HectorsHouse great work. Onto the infamous W5R3 which is nowhere near as bad as it seems on paper. You'll feel such a sense of achievement! Good luck :)


Well done and good luck with w5r3. As Fraz says it's better than youthink it will t be.Keep running .


Well done, I've just completed the same run today. God luck with W5R3 :-)


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