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6 days since my last run........ hit by bug (not the insect kind)

Oh boy, just about starting to recover from horrid cold/bug that has left me hacking like a tramp. Wondering just when to do my next run. I had just completed W3R1 and even though it was hard I was looking forward to my next outing. Might give myself another day or two to let the cough calm down. Any tips?

Sniffy x

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Hope you feel better soon sexybexy! I developed a cold/allergies week 5 and they have continued into my grad week. Try a warm bath and pampering...a spot of bourbon in some hot drink seems to help me...they say to up fluids. :-) Also...this is great advice from someone who learned the hard way...ALWAYS carry tissue with you on a run!!!! :-) Seriously, watch the cough, maybe try a slow run, if you have problems you may need to give an extra day or two to recovery. Feel better soon!


Feel better soon. I agree with gdeann, don't push yourself - as frustrating as it is to not be able to get out you want to take care of yourself so that you don't have a bigger setback. If you have a cough it will probably be hard to catch your breath... take care and rest up!


I got the dreaded norovirus at about the same place you are now in the programme. Had to take two weeks off but when I went back I repeated the last run I did before I got sick which went fine and then carried on. Really important not to push yourself - this running thing is hopefully going to be a long-term thing so a week or two out of the game here or there is fine. Hope you feel better soon.


It sounds like you have several great answers to your question already, SexyBexy! I just wanted to say that I hope you get to feeling better soon!! :-)


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