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All is not lost!

Well I have to admit that it's been a few weeks since I last went for a run. I managed to get to W3R1 I think (maybe R2). Then I got married, went on honeymoon and finally got a virus which really put me of out action for 10 days or so.

So I finally made it out for a run today. Week 3 R1 again. And despite all my worries about having 'lost it' and feeling fatter and unfitter than before, and actually still having quite a chesty cough on was ok!

My legs were feeling pretty heavy by the end, but I was really surprised with how well I managed to do. I remember before I did any of the week 3 runs that the thought of running for 3 minutes (!!) absolutely horrified me. But now it doesn't seem that bad. And I wasn't even counting down the seconds - in fact I was quite enjoying it.

The moral of this story is, even if you have a few weeks off, it's never too late to get back into it. All is not lost!

I've got the next run planned in for Friday after work. I actually prefer running in the cold and rain so this season suits me. I aim to be running 5k comfortably by Christmas. Easy eh?!

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Congratulations! On the wedding and honeymoon that is not getting the virus.

I'm in a similar situation except was not getting married or going on honeymoon.

I'd completed W3R1 feeling that 3 minutes was an eternity but I managed to complete the run and was looking forward to the next when bam I've been hit with a bug of some sort. It's completely floored me and I've had at least a week off running. I'm sure you're right and getting straight back on the horse as soon as she's feeling better is never too late. I'm waiting for the cough to calm down a bit until I try again, perhaps at the weekend. I hope we're both running 5K by Christmas - that is the plan.

Good luck!



Welcome and congratulations on the marriage! What a wonderful wedding present to give yourself!!!! Keep us updated on your progress! :-)


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