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Foiled by the weather...but not in the way you're thinking!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to get out for many runs lately - work commitments, taxi duties etc, but today I decided that, whatever the weather, I'd go out and really go for it. It was pelting down this morning, so, I got ready; gloves, waterproofs, hat....but the time my warm up was over the sun was out! I sweated buckets. Good run though, nice to be out again and looking forward to my next run...I won't leave it so long next time.

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Well done you! I'm like that when I later up, even on quite cold days I end up too hot!


I know what you mean Meggyann - I get hot so quickly, it's a blessing when it rains, but even when it doesn't I end up looking like I've been in the shower. I saw someone the other day with a sweat band on, it really looked nice, not sure I've got the head shape for it though!


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