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Wk6r2 in the bag! And it was fine!

Ooohh , you lot were right weren't you? Did the run this morning and the hardest part was just getting myself out there. The actual run went by without a hitch and I was surprised when Laura said that was it. I kinda felt a bit cheated I think I was expecting to have to really push myself, so when I didn't have to it has left me with mixed thoughts.

Whilst its great to have ran easily and enjoyed it, I also feel like I haven't worked hard enough and consequently don't seem to be experiencing my little post run high. And I figured it out this morning why I've been in a bit of a funk about my running, it think it's because I'm not working at it hard enough and not getting the same satisfaction as I'd did when I crawled up the drive after the first run absolutely exhausted and couldn't negotiate stairs without any form of foul language for three days.

So the plan is to try to up my pace a bit, Ive worked it out roughly that it will take me about 36minutes to do 5k at this pace, so there is definitely a lot of work to be done!

To continue with the theme of my blogging so far I shall list todays running encounters......

Not so many slugs ( about 15), loads of worms ( I hate worms - I have a worm phobia), no baby hedgehogs, but the dead rat was still there (looking very squished- why has no one eaten it yet?) and rather randomly an abandoned mountain bike and two potatoes!

I shall post again after the 25minute run on Friday morning - probably wont be feeling quite so cocky then!

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Well done!! I really like the idea of trying to increase your pace if you are not feeling challenged enough. I attempted that myself with mixed results. Let's just say that it has been quite a humbling experience. Keep Running!! :-)


Monmou, make sure to listen carefully to Laura on the next run. :-) Try upping the pace a bit, if you feel like your struggling you can always slow down. Baby hedgehogs? Do they just run around loose? I'm from the US and we have prairie-dogs in our region.


We seem to have loads of hedgehogs around our way- lots of bushes for them to nest in. We used to get them in our garden every night which was wonderful as they really kept on top of the snails and slug population. However Agnes worked how to kill them by rolling them on their back. Typical terrier wouldn't give in till she cracked it, so we've had to hedgehog proof the garden which is a real shame. so of course when she sees the babies hoovering up slugs on our runs she gets VERY excited, and the daft little things don't know to roll up in a ball!

I will be sure to listen to Laura - thanks guys xx


Monmou it's slugs here-plagued by them! I'm running 25 minutes tomorrow morning, as long as the forcast gales aren't raging, then might have to put it off until Saturday morning. Running rather than jogging now-so that's an improvement. Good luck everybody for tomorrow :-)


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