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So long week 6, you were surprisingly kind to me!

Completed W6R3 yesterday and was greeted at the end with Laura announcing I could now consider myself a runner.

Never really thought I would ever consider myself a runner, I still don't but I'm really pleased to have reached a point where I can run for 25 mins without walking. I now know that I can complete the course, I doubt I will actually reach a point where I enjoy it but I will graduate.

My dilemma is what to do after graduation? I actually think I prefer the intervals, my longest run so far was W5R2 when I did 2 x 8 min runs and then finished with a 14 min run because I still felt good. So I actually ran for 30 mins but with 2 x 5 min walks between the runs.

Anyhow onwards to week 7 tomorrow, you never know during these next 3 runs I actually might start to enjoy it.......?

Good luck one and all with whichever run you are about to attempt.

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Well done FB a great result. I entirely agree with your comment about graduating, week 6 did the same thing to me, it's like seeing the finish posts for the first time. You never know, you may end up enjoying it in time.


Great job fastbowler!!!! I have one more run left and I only have fleeting moments of enjoying it!!! ;-) I think once we graduate and the pressure is off of us wondering if we can actually do it and once we continue to build stamina, we will enjoy runs. Welcome to week 7!!!! :-)


Thanks folks, 1 more run and then I'm away for a week and not intending to run, it's too much hassle taking stuff with me.

So I'll have to knuckle down on my return and get the final runs under my belt :-)


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