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Speed - just a bit behind Bolt!

I ran speed again this morning and when I finished the final sprint map my run on my phone told me I was running at 32km/hour. When I told my husband he did some mental maths and worked out I'm only just a bit slower than Hussain Bolt - ....or there was an error!!!!Or I am now amazing super woman!!!

Must say I'm finding it harder and harder to get up at 6.30 now the weather is turning! x

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Wow! Just Wow! I'm going with 'just a bit slower than Hussain Bolt'' I'm fine with that! Rio for you, my pal! XXX


WOW! Bolt has nothing on you :) Mapmyrun is funny. It told me the other day that my max cycle speed on one ride home from work was 14118.20 mph! Woosh!

These errors seem to be ocurring more frequently, it's very annoying.

(not saying yours was definitely an error, it is feasible and yes you should enter for Rio if so, but mine clearly was!)


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