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Week 9 Run 1 slosh slosh slosh

I am so utterly grateful for my little pink Karrimor running jacket. This is the first time I've taken it out in the appropriate weather and boy did I need it. That rain was grim! And I'm never ever going to be horrible about the colour of my jacket ever again! Anyway endomondo cut off the beginning of my route again so stats were all out. BUT I think I've worked it out. I think my phone takes longer than normal to locate me. On Thursday I'm going to try turning it on at least 10 minutes before I leave the house. See if that helps. My legs are arching more than usual today. I'm wondering if it's the combination of Couch to 5k and Strength and Flex. Still ...what doesn't kill you ...... So so close now!

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Good call on Endomondo give the satellites a chance to compete with the ley lines in your part of the world (I'm only kidding in case anyone...).

I've never been entirely sure about that saying because of, well, polio, dementia etc. (I know, I'm being pedantic) :)


Brilliant, Pelephant!! W9R1 is in the books!! I think that there is quite a graduation party coming later this week!! You have got this!!!


I think your little pink jacket sounds quite pretty!!!! :-) Look at you pelephant! Only 2 more runs! Woot-Woot!!!!!! This being Grad week and all (I like to take full advantage of typing it!) that I am more achy then the past few weeks. I guess adding the extra 2 minutes in did make a difference. Yep!!! It sounds like there is going to be quite the party across the pond as well as stateside!!! Wishing you a fabulous GRAD WEEK!!!!!! :-)


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