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Back to running after 3 month break??!!

Hey everyone.. hope you are all doing well.. as for me.. i have a confession to make.. well its a long drawn out tale about how i left everything i worked so hard for, slip away. graduated the c25k In april this year, was so happy and proud of myself, continued on running twice a week, doing mainly 5k runs, until june 30th. went on hols for 2 weeks, and managed somehow to put 2 joints out in my neck, so was in agony for a few weeks, eventually got it sorted, but during all that time till now i did nothing, not a scrap of excercise.. and surprise surprise my fitness level has dropped considerably.. decided yesterday to get back on track at last. only managed a 3k run, and did the same this morning.

looks like its going to take quite a while to get back to where i was at in june, but heres the plan, ill do another 3k on fri, and next week up it to 4k for 3 runs, and the following wk hopefully ill manage the 5k again..

does this sound like a good plan?

Advice to everyone is dont take your new found fitness for granted, it needs to be worked on regularly, and as the weeks went by for me, i found it easier and easier to make excuses not to go.. the couch potato that i was before c25k was rearing her lazy head again and providing me with all my old reasons and excuses not to get my fat ass off the couch, hopefully now im back on track again..


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good for you! its very easy to let it all go, have done exactly the same and now trying to get back into it, have decided to try running outside and follow the plan again, started wk 1, r1 but did manage to run for a few 1 mins together. the problem is if you get an injury it can really throw you out! have written myself a new plan and bought some outside running kit (always a good motivation!) keep up the hard work and enjoy


Yep, hard to build it up, much easier to let it go. The main thing is you are BACK and ready for another stab at it. This is the reason I hate being off the road due to injury; far too easy to slip into my old ways if I'm not vigilant. Congrats scavo and jennyn on your re-commitment and welcome back.



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