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W9R1 under my belt (there seems to be more room there these days!)

Phew, glad to have this one done. It is really only 2 minutes more than last weeks runs but we all know how long 2 minutes can seem. I find it harder on the first run of the week because I don't know when Laura is going to speak up with a time check and encouragement (I run without a watch).

When she said there were 5 minutes left I wondered if i would make it - but I did! I need to buy a GPS watch to track more accurately, but according to mapmyrun I completed 4.84 km!

Almost there!

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Superb, canuckgirl!!! You are almost there!! It always seems to be my second run of the week that drags me down and that is the one that Gayle and I are facing in a couple of hours...W9R2. I will get through it thinking about all of us prospective grads this week. See you at the Grad Party!!


Thanks Steve! It is hard to believe that we are almost there!


Well done Anna! I wondered how the run went for you. Sounds like your distance is great!! We just may need to combine a Birthday party with a Grad party! :-)


Thanks! I just can't believe that we are almost there... what a birthday present - to have taken control of our health and our future and to be running... actually running! Looking forward to the party!


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