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3 hills today!!!!

I altered my route a little today as I was getting a bit bored.....oops big mistake! The 5 min warm up ended at the bottom of a really steep hill.....well ok it was only a little hill but still it was a hill nonetheless. I tackled it and 2 further hills but breathing all went to pot today, not sure why. Gremlins on my back almost willed me to stop half way but i carried on. It may be because I've been feeling a little under the weather for the past week but have really wanted to carry on getting out there. At one time I would have used any excuse to get out of exercising but now I'm hooked. So that's W7R2 in the bag, feeling a bit achey now but really pleased that I didn't give in to the gremlins. :-)

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Well done!

Hills are killer and make it harder!


Achy might be caused from carrying those darn gremlins on your back!! ;-) Only 1 more run until you begin W8!!!! Very well done Bongodrums!!! :-)


Well done Bongodrums!! We all have a bad run every once in a while! Don't let it get you down! Even though the gremlins were after you, you kept going and made it one step closer to successfully completing the program!! Congratulations!!


Thank you all for your kind words. The support on here is amazing :-)


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