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stamina not so sure

I tried the stamina one tonight, did not like it, for one it is for 35 mins I have only done 30 mins thats bad enough and doing over 5k, but I hated having to count all the way round and I kept losing the rhythm. I manged to go further again in the 30 mins but could not go any further to do the fast 5 mins at end.

I would prefer not to have to count at all, where can I go next????

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Try just listening to the music rather than counting. I just count for the first few steps to make sure I've gotten the beat right, after that I stop and feel my body just runs to the beat in the music anyway. If I feel myself flagging near the end I count some more to get me through and keep the pace up. I've only tried the speed and stepping stones ones though. I can recommend stepping stones.


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