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First week-First run :)

Well, I don't think I could have chosen a worse morning to get up at 6am and start my C25K.

It's torrential rain, dark, cold and windy and the majority of footpaths are flooded :( But, I dragged myself out of my warm bed and did it. I could have never visioned myself even thinking i'd be able to have the motivation to give this a go, let alone to get out of bed and do it.

I know I'e only completed my first run of 27 but, i'm proud at my mini achievement none the less!!

Here's hoping the next run is less wet and cold :)

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Well done Laura, you'll soon get the bug and be counting down the hours until your run.

Keep it up, and keep posting on here.


I just finished my first week. I start w2r1 tonight! I'm actually looking forward to it. You can do it!! It may have been rainy and cold, but that's way better than hot and sticky.



Hey, we'll done you! I did my first run yesterday morning, it was a struggle towards the end but I did it. It does feel good to have made a start. Have to say tho, my legs are aching today! Good Luck, look forward to hearing your progress.


Great job getting out of a cozy bed to face the run!! You took the hardest step, facing the unknown in the worse of elements! WELCOME HERE and hope to continue reading your progress! :-)


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