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Back on the horse, well treadmill

2 weeks after the hot water cylinder cracked pouring hot water thought the ceiling at 5am we finally got hot water back on on Friday, yay! An hour or so later I'm proud to say I got straight back to work on my couch to 5k journey. I wasn't really sure where to start, I didn't want to slip back unnecessarily or push myself too hard after 2 weeks not running, so I opted to just put some of my own music on, run at my usual speed and see how I got on. 2 weeks ago I'd just finished week 7 so I'd done 4 x 25 minute runs and that seemed a reasonable time to aim for. I managed 25 minutes but I didn't feel I had enough energy left to speed up for the final minute (as I had before I stopped) or to add the extra 3 minutes required for week 8.

Although some weeks have been really challenging I have been encouraged by always being able to complete the runs and keep on moving forward through the weeks (not that I would have believed myself capable of that when I started). Now I'm torn over what to do tomorrow - give week 7 another run through and make sure I'm ready to move on or give week 8 a try and risk not being able to complete the run. I don't want to repeat unnecessarily but I don't want to fail either!

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You sound like you did very well at throwing yourself back into things. Next time why don't you pop your own music on, run for 25 minutes and then see if you can manage another 3. If you do - that's great, call it W8R1 if not you've still done really well, just call it W7R4!


I agree with pelephant. Great job in getting started again!!!!


Glad you're back and your horrendous hot water problems are sorted out. How impressive were you, going running an hour after it was all back in working order?

I agree with the others about how to proceed. (I think you'll be fine and get the 28 mins done).


Thanks for the support and advice :-) I had to get back to running before one excuse became another and 2 weeks off became 3 or 4 or forever!

I gave it a go this morning with my own music again, Laura is great to start with but I found the music getting a bit samey after a while. It was a struggle but I'm pleased to say I'll be calling it W8 R1. I reached half way and thought 'only 14 minutes to go', didn't think I'd ever feel that way after running for 14 minutes. Found it really hard going from about 10 minutes to go, until those final 3, then I just got some energy from somewhere. Think it was a combination of knowing I was going on beyond where I'd stopped on Fri and a lucky change to a really upbeat song. Onward to W8R2 and towards graduation.


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