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W1R2 and new shoes!

Yesterday I did my second run!

I nearly didn't do it because I've been feeling under the weather (weird bug going round everyone in the house), but seeing as a big reason for me doing this programme is because I've been feeling lethargic for weeks and want to train myself to be more active, I figured that if I use "I don't feel like it" as an excuse, I'll never run. So out I went.

One thing that made it that much easier to get out the door was my beautiful, brand new pair of Vivobarefoot Evo II running shoes! I'm so excited about these. They arrived yesterday morning, a gift from my wonderful best friend, and oh are they ever lovely!

I was less nervous about this run because I'd done it once and knew what to expect, but that didn't make it that much easier at first. I managed the 60 second runs a little better than last time, but still struggled... until the near the end of the run, I suddenly found myself flying along looking at my surroundings, feeling like a proper runner! I was very proud... then I struggled again. But I had a glimpse into what life as a runner can be like, and I want more!

Oh, oh, and my shoes! It took me a few minutes to get used to them (laces too tight, too loose, feeling different to what I'm used to) but then suddenly it felt like I had been wearing them for years! No rubbing, no pinching, perfect amount of grip and control while running through the woods and lapping a field. I've never had a pair of running shoes that fit as beautifully, or feel as effortless to wear. I can't wait to take them out again!

Looking forward to my final Week 1 run!

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sounds like we are at the same stage (wk1 run 2). Glad it is going well. Shoes sound cool.


Well done on getting your second run completed. You'll be running for longer before you know it.

Good luck for your final run of week 1 :-)


Proper shoes make such a difference. Mine are the most expensive shoes I've ever bought! Worth every penny, though. The difference to my normal trainers is crass.

Have fun with yours!


Great shoes make all the difference in the World. They sound AWESOME! Congratulations on getting through most of week 1, with new shoes and a great attitude, you will go far! :-)


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