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Week 6 Done - I did it!

Got up and got ready for this mornings run and was surprisingly looking forward to it. I decided that today I would do a circular run instead of my normal out and back. The last part of todays run included my out and back route, and hence I knew that the last bit was a slight decline and thought this was the best way to go. So with Laura plugged in, I set off (second run using Laura). As usual, after the 5 minute warm up walk, the first 5 minutes run were the hardest, but once past that stage, I was feeling fine (during this stage I was quite pleased the level crossing was open, as I did not fancy running across the foot bridge). I wasn't even huffing and puffing too much, and felt quite comfortable. Once I was back on familiar ground, I actually thought I would run out of route! The last minute seemed to go on for ages, but I made it! The 5 minute cool down ended as I put the key in the door back home, so a perfect route for this run.

However, that is when things went a bit odd. I got in, and suddenly felt very shaky and light headed and had to sit down. I got my self a drink of squash, and began to feel a bit better, but was still not 100%. After a shower and some breakfast, I was soon feeling fine again. Do I need to eat before I go out? If so, how long should I leave before running? I did have half a bread roll this morning and some water just before going out, and carried water with me and had sips on the way round and but never felt like this before, mind, not done this much running before either!

Was wondering if changing to evenings may help, but am usually busy in the evenings, and the morning run fits in with my day.

Anyway, I did it, and feel so pleased with myself. I am actually looking forward to week 7 as well, but would rather not feel shaky again afterwards.

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Well done with the run, it sounds like a really good one!

In terms of feeling a little dodgy when you got in, I prefer to run in the evenings so can't really advise on morning runs, but I would suggest that you do eat more before you go as these longer runs will take more out of you. I would say parhaps give it half an hour or so to settle before running? I only do morning runs on the weekend, so appreciate there is not always time for this!

It is quite a personal preference this kind of thing though. I did w5r3 10 mins after eating quite a heavy evening meal (I had to rush out as it was getting dark and starting to rain!) and I was fine, but others find that makes them feel horrible during their run.

I guess experiment with different amounts of food and see what works for you. I think though it is safe to say that the longer runs will demand more of your body than has been needed up to now so some modification to the routine may be needed, but it could also just be a one off and one of those things!


Well done :o)

I can't help with the eating thing as I am running in the gym after work but I seem to remember reading something about waiting for between 30 minutes to an hour after eating before you exercise.


Congratulations on getting through week 6!!! I run evenings, but I too remember reading to eat at least 30 minutes prior to a run. We usually let our dinner settle 1-2 hours before we go. I drink fluids until I head out the door. More fluids the day of my run seems to keep me from feeling yucky. Week 7, here you come!! :-)


Thanks for all the advice! Went out again this morning, without anything before hand, and felt fine when I got back. Guess it was just of one of those days.


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