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Second Run

Headed out 6.30 this morning again for my week one, run 2. Again, no real problems. Main issue was trying to time my run so that I ended up closer to home. A bit better this time, but room for improvement!

Watched my posture this time and my back has been fine. Enjoyable to get out in the morning, although the weather has been ok for me so far. The day will doubtless come when I don't want to get out of bed!

Next run will be Sunday. Might have a wee hangover so interesting to see how that goes!

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I'm on my first week too and am finding the timing thing difficult too, it would be good if we were told when we were half way through so we could turn back on ourselves, I guess that will come though. You're great going out at 6.30am, it's 6pm for me!


Congratulations for starting week 1!!!! I too, suffered from partaking in the spirits a bit much week 2. It was horrible!!! I will never, ever do it again when I will be running the next day! If you do drink alcohol, try to drink more water the following day if your running. Best of luck to you starting week 2! :-)


Well done, you are obviously learning quickly! Good luck on Sunday, I havent ever run after too much to drink the night before, be interesting to know how it goes!


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