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ChChChariots of FFFffiiire

Take the first real frost of the autumn + the first speed session + 50 year old joints and mix them all up and you get a nice big dollop of pain. Ouch

Still hurting quite a bit after this one in the early hours today. Achey in all of my ankle tendons and my left knee has come out in sympathy. But they've eased. Just such a shock to the system after all the gentle jogging.

The plan was to run 45 seconds of fast sprinting with 90 seconds of recovery jogs in between over a 20 minute session. I did most of them but I think I gave up before the last one (was so knackered I lost count), however somewhere near the beginning I really got into it and on one lap I wellied it down the back straight of the red ash track with imaginary strains of chariots of fire filling my ears, until the buzzer called time out. This type of running, plus the tempo sessions are extremely tough but I am determined to complete the 8 week course. I am quite looking forward to a nice easy 3 mile run on Sunday lol

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Well done - sounds like you did really well. I like the idea of running along to Chariots of Fire, although the Chariot would probably overtake me! i assume you aren't using the C25K+ speed podcast if its an 8 week course?

Sounds like I was lucky with my run this morning, it was fairly warm so I just had my C25K tee on, looks like I need to invest in a long sleeved top or two ready for the cold weather though.

Enjoy your nice easy 3 miler on Sunday :)


I'm hopeless when it comes to technology. All I know about my mp3 player is that it has a play button for my music - anything else and I'm lost lol

There were no transcripts for the podcasts on here so I had to hunt for a training plan to print out. Found a great Intermediate 5k one and it's for 8 weeks to improve your 5k race time


I really enjoy my session of HIIT it gives you a real sense of achievement once your finished. I've started doing the same when I swim now too, now that really gets the heart rate up, phew! Enjoy your Sunday run, you'll find you get faster on these runs after doing your intervals in a very short space of time.


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