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Speed and Stepping Stone podcasts

Had a great run last night. Possibly my best yet:). I needed it as my motivation was really beginning to flag.

Earlier this week I tried out the speed podcast. I was plagued by a stitch for most of it but still managed to complete it. At the end of it though I didn't feel that I'd worked out that much, and ended up adding some normal running onto the end of it. Keeping to the 1-2-3-4 beats wasn't too hard. I felt it was quite short. Maybe I'm just too used to the 30 minute workout now.

Last night I tried the stepping stones. I loved it! Was a great workout and a good challenge to up the pace, even when I was tired. My shins are a bit sore today, which unusual. I might have to look into a decent pair of running shoes soon. I found my feet really found the beat to the music without too much thinking (I'm not musical at all so was concerned about that!).

Looking forward to trying stamina next. Have never run past 30 minutes yet, so hope I can last that long.

Unfortunately I can't go to Parkrun tomorrow :(

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Well done I like Speed too but usually add an extra 5 minutes to it, I just feel if your going to get hot and sweaty you might as well make it worth while!! :) I haven't done Stepping Stone for over 2 weeks will have to have another go at it too. Well done, I think you deserve new running shoes now.


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