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Week 8 Run 3 done!!

I really wanted to get to the 5k today as I'll be on holiday for the next fortnight and there are no flat bits where I'm going lol!! Anyway, I mapped out a flat 5k and set off. Completed the route in 30.14 but my iPhone said it was only 4.2k - go figure!

I'm disappointed not to have reached the 5k as there's no chance I'll manage it before graduation, but the fantastic news is that I've already run 30mins twice, so next week should see me graduate - I'm so excited! Never in a million years would i have believed that I could be close to finishing in the nine weeks of the program!

Cornwall here we come - I'll let you know how Cornish running goes :-)

And good luck to all the others about to start Week 9 - we can do this - Laura said so!

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Wow well done. What are you using on your iphone to map the route? I've found that I lose my gps on some of my runs and then the phone tells me the run is much shorter than it is. I find gbmapometer much more accurate - providing can I remember where I went!


Ive been using mapmyrun - but I'll try gbmapometer and see how it compares (distance wise)!


Sounds like great time/distance!!! Congratulations early as you head into week 9! :-)


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