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W6R1 completed but bit of a shock to the system!

After completing the dreaded 20 minute run in W5 I was feeling invincible and (probably stupidly) expected W6R1 to be easier than it was, I mean after all, I had done 5 and 8 minute runs before.

Boy did I get a wake up call lol

It was harder than I expected, I finished it but was feeling it towards the end.

Let's see what R2 holds...............

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It had the same effect on me but I found R2 better if that's any help? I've seen others say the same thing too.


Hi I felt exactly the same, but have now have completed the week and on to week 7! Remember to keep your pace steady and manageable and you will be fine. I agree though, week 6 was a real shock to the system!


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