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Duct Tape and Frozen Peas on my knees - Week 3 begins!

The short story is ..I am actually quite tall and large.Like better part of 16 stone (there! said it. done) I have always tried the approach of trying to lose weight so that I can exercise (or more specifically run). This approach has not be successful at all-- ever. SO I Google and found this program. Love it. The music: kind of cheesy. Laura: Love her. Me? not so much. I picked a 5k for the first part of October. I am trying to stay committed to the 3 runs a week. My knees are killing me....I am not defeated. But I am worried about not being at the starting line or mid line or finishing line for the 5k I signed up for. Then I will feel defeated. Am I as always aiming to high to soon?

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Hello and welcome to C25K and this lovely site Katy. Your not aiming too high you just have to believe in yourself and trust in this programme, it works, there are now thousands of runners out there who were a year or so ago sitting on the couch!!

Sore knees is a common problem and may well settle down. I suffered for a while and found after a run they were on fire and aching like mad. I found that after my shower I turned the cold water on both legs for as long as I could and this helped to take the inflamation away. Be very careful if you are using frozen anything, wrap it in a teatowel or you could end up with freezer burn. An anti-inflamatory tablet, Ibuprofin or similar may well help too if its really bad.

Good luck and stay positive, you can do this just like many before you and many that are doing it along side you.


Sorry about your sore knees, follow Oldgirl 's advice re the icepack and anti-inflammatories (if you are able to take them). Sounds to me like you're doing really well, already a third of the way through the programme if you're on Wk3. Don't be worried about repeating a session if you have to, see it as a temporary plateau not a failure. Keep moving. You will start to enjoy it!


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