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Podcasts developers, would it be possible for you to share text telling what is involved in each of the three 5K+ podcasts: Stamina, Speed and Stepping Stones,

Eg Duration (mins) / beats per min / speed (min/km) that each bpm equates to

for each of the different intervals.

I've tried playing them on my computer, but each time I am reading/writing blogs posts, etc, that I lose track of what Laura is telling us.

If anyone else has found this text could you please point me in the right direction.

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I made my own lists for each podcast.

Speed: 155bpm for 5 minutes, *165bpm for 60 seconds and 150bpm for 60 seconds* Repeat from * to * 5 times. Start and finish with usual brisk walks.

Stepping stones: 10 minutes at 150bpm, 15 minutes at 155bpm, 5 minutes at 160 bpm (bracketed by walks as usual).

Stamina: 158 bpm for 10 minutes, 160 bpm for 20 minutes and 165bpm for 5 minutes. Warm-up walks as before.

I find that I have to use short fast steps to reach the fastest speeds and I usually use the Speed podcasts because I like intervals. I haven't managed the stamina one yet! :)


Why not try sending your request to JR21 = John he should be able to forward to the correct person for you.


Thank you, happierswimming. I can now plan which (if any) podcast to use for my long, slow run and my short, snappy run.


I tried stepping stones for the first time tonight and loved it. It wasn't easy but felt great afterwards. I found my feet just kept to the beat without trying too much. I tried speed the other night. I felt it was quite short and that I hadn't worked out that hard afterwards (even added some 'normal' running on at the end). I'm looking forward to trying stamina next. Hopefully I can last for the 35 mins. I haven't tried beyond 30 yet. Good luck and let us know what you think of them.


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