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Aaaarrgh...why can't I crack this?

Having done the first 2 runs of week 7 on the treadmill I decided to get on with my plan of increasing my running outside. For some reason I find it much more difficult but am wanting to build up before I get further along in the programme as I'm getting bored of looking at myself in the mirror at the gym.

I started dropping in the odd outdoor run on week 6 (for one reason or another my C25k journey has become a bit elongated so week 6 was a while ago) I managed a week 4 then did week 5 run 1 outside. After a 4 day gap from week 7 run 2 indoors I tried week 5 run 2 outside. I managed the first 8 minutes which I was pleased with. On the second I got about a minute past Laura telling me I was half way and had to stop with a stitch but started up again...stopped again. I think I did 6.30 of the whole thing. I wasn't too despondent as I thought...right that means you can definitely nail it next time. Just back from run 2 attempt 2 and pretty much the same thing happened...though I got 7 minutes done this time.

What can I do? I've thought about what and when I'm eating...tried on just a kiwi fruit today. The route is just about as flat as you can get, I couldn't possibly go any slower. What else is there??? I've only had one repeat on week 6 with the treadmill so I was kind of expecting the same here. I'm going to get week 7 finished on the treadmill next just to keep my spirits up...but I really want to crack this outside.....or I'll never get to do parkrun and the 5k i've dared myself to enter is looking like a complete fantasy. Aaaaaargh, help!

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Do you only get a stitch when you run outside & can you feel it starting or is it suddenly very painful? Could you run through it?

I only got one stitch when running with Laura but have found I get more when I run to my own music & I put this down to going too fast too soon & not breathing properly. As soon as I feel one start I slow down a bit & try to breath through it & usually I can keep running & it goes away. I know if I stopped running I'd find it really hard to get going again. Could you try this so you don't have to stop completely?

Are you drinking plenty of water before you run? I have heard that dehydration can make stitches more likely. The amount I've eaten also makes a difference; empty stomach suites me best but it would be interesting to see what others say about how long to leave between food & running. A kiwi fruit doesn't sound like it should cause a problem.

I haven't run on a treadmill for years (haven't got one at home & hate the gym!) so I don't know if running outside is more difficult but getting to W7 is a real achievement whatever you're running on so try not to get fed up. You are so close to graduating could you manage to finish the last few weeks indoors so you can feel you've cracked the 30 mins then start the outdoor runs? One challenge at a time sort of thing...Let us know how you get on.


Thanks....I will try not to wimp out with the stitch..I do think it's probably more a mental challenge that a physical. I'm going to do the last of week 7 indoors next to keep the sense of momentum going then go for an outdoor...if I don't do it this time I'll keep to the treadmill to get through it then work on outdoors after. It's not that I have a set timetable, so I guess as long as I'm running a few times a week, wherever, it's good news.


Yes, yes, yes - running a few times a week, wherever, is good news! Sorry to hear you're struggling, though. Do you think you're going too fast outside? I've only run on a treadmill twice (it makes me feel dizzy) so I can't really comment on the differences. Keep it up, though, I'm sure you'll get through it :)


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