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I did it......then I did it again, only 2 days later!!!

Run for 25 minutes!!!!

Wk7 r1. Wondered if I'd be able to as after running for 20 mins in run three of week 5 the first run of week six was my hardest since week one.

I did it! So pleased and many thanks to all of you on this forum for your support-one of many things I thought about as I ran!!!

As usual, I got emotional at the end of my run!!! Wouldn't be the same if I didn't!!

Am starting to get used to believing that I can do this :)

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We know you can do it so it's time to believe in yourself. You can and will do it!!


Yaaaay! I knew you could do it! Well done!


Well done, we knew you could do it. Graduation day is getting closer.....


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