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Another C25K newbie Question!

Hi there, I have just started the programme this week, in fact I did my very 1st run on Tuesday and managed to complete it ok. I am due to do the 2nd run of week 1 tomorrow but because of work commitments and child care, I am unable to do it until Friday when I am planning to get up earlier and do it before I go to work., wish me luck with the getting up earlier

I have found that my thighs have started to ache more and more throughout today so I am hoping that they are feeling better by Friday. I have a question regarding warming up/warming down. Do I need to do anything other than what it tells me to do on the podcast? Are my aching thighs because I am doing something wrong or to be expected in Week 1?

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I can only speak for myself but my thighs still ache in week 5, not unbearably, just a dull reminder the day after a run if I try to go up a set of stairs too quickly. I don't think you're doing anything wrong, quite the contrary, I think it's to be expected.


Thank u for your comment


Sounds about right. My legs have only just started to get the idea that they don't need to ache all the time, and I'm just about to graduate. You only need to do what's on the podcast. If you're looking for something else to help strengthen your legs you could try the Strength & Flex podcasts,


I always follow the cool down walk with 5-10 mins of stretches. It sounds a long while but while your muscles are warm this is the best time and stretches are really important for your legs and body. A few stretches after the 5 min warm up walk and before the first run may help too. It wont stop the aching altogether but will help and will also help to avoid injury.


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