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Week 2 Run 3, should have done this yesterday

Ok so I moved up to my new house for uni and its so boring here with no internet or tv and with classes not starting yet. Also I'm completely broke untill student loans come in. I should have used that as an excuse to go for a jog as planning but then I found out I was supposed to do an assignemnt over summer that I completely forgot about. Which completely stressed me out!! Who'd have thought we would have to do work over summer! Also the weather was awful and I forgot my coat from home.

Not to worry though because I managed to go out today while it was fairly sunny and complete week two! I'm not giving up too soon! The new route has a few hills but is manageable but also lots of glaring students. I just hope my course won't get in the way it will be so tough lots work and so much stress. Saying that I'm hoping the new fitness regime should help with the stress.

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Keep going - everyone else will be back soon so it will not be boring, and running is a great way to combat stress! Hope it goes well.


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