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Outer ankle pain - can't run - help!!!

For the past few days, I have had pain in my left outer ankle, around the ankle bone and just above it. It is painful to touch and is slightly swollen. When I ran on Sunday, it felt fine during the run but slightly painful afterwards but during my run last night it was painful and has been very painful ever since. I have had ice on it, put an ibruprofen gel on, used a tubular bandage etc but it is still very painful. I am so annoyed as I am going to have to have some time off the programme and this is going to delay me completing it. My last run was Week 6 run 1 and I intend to have the rest of this week off and recommence next Tuesday by repeating Week 6 run 1 again and carry on from there. Has anyone else had anything similar and what did you do?

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